One-Line Bio

I am: Entrepreneur, Father, Tech Junkie, and Musician.


Fun Bio:
Andy has been blogging since 2004, using wikis since 2003, playing ice hockey since 2000, starting companies since 1999, performing on stage since 1993, juggling since 1987, playing drums since 1983, noodling around with computers since 1982, skiing since 1977, and a Denver Broncos fan since 1972.

Professional Bio:
Andy Stack co-founded Stata Labs, a software company that launched Bloomba, the first search-based email program, and SAproxy Pro, the anti-spam software that ranked number one with Consumer Reports in 2003. While directing product management as well as finance and operations, Stack launched the first version of Bloomba and SAproxy and then grew the company to 40 people when it was acquired by Yahoo! (YHOO) in the fall of 2004. Stack has 10 years experience in the software industry in finance, operations and product management. In 1999 Stack co-founded DealMaven, a successful financial services software company, with customers such as Lehman Brothers, Deutsche Bank, Bear Sterns and the Wharton School. During his four years as a consultant with Oracle, Stack developed a unique printing solution that he grew into a product and was later sold as an add-on solution to Oracle customers. He received his MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Princeton University, earning a BS in Electrical Engineering.